The Best Potato Soup Recipe


What Makes this Soup So Good?

This potato soup is easy to make and only needs a few simple ingredients. It's cheesy too, with crispy bacon bits sprinkled on top! And to make things even better, this satisfying dinner idea is ready in only 30 minutes. You have to try it!

Simple Ingredients

You'll only need a few ingredients, such as bacon, potatoes, onion, and broth. Heavy cream and cheese make the soup extra creamy!

Cook the Bacon

Cook the bacon until it is crispy.  Try not to munch on it, you're going to need it for the soup!

Start Making the Soup

Cook the onion, shallots and garlic. Add the flour and cook for a few min. (This will thicken your soup.)

Add Milk and Potatoes

Pour in the milk and add the potatoes. Season with salt and pepper, then cook for 10-15 minutes.


Use an immersion blender to puree most of the soup.

Serve Warm

Stir in the cheese, then sprinkle bacon and any other toppings you want onto the soup. Dig in!

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