Easy Lemon Pepper Chicken Recipe


What Makes Lemon Pepper Chicken So Good?

This lemon pepper chicken recipe is easy to make and only needs a few simple ingredients. Plus, it's ready in 30 minutes Serve it with spaghetti and broccoli on the side for a simple and satisfying dinner idea.

Simple Ingredients

Chicken, lemon pepper, lemon juice and a few staple ingredients are all you'll need to make this chicken dinner!

Pound the Chicken

First, pound the chicken to flatten it out. This helps it cook faster and distributes the flavor evenly. 

Add Seasonings

Season both sides of the chicken with flavorings and flour. 

Cook the Garlic

Melt butter in a skillet and then cook the garlic.

Cook Up the Chicken

Add the prepared chicken pieces to the pan and fry them up. Your house will smell amazing at this point.


Add lemon slices and your preferred side dishes, then dig in. 

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