Garlic Parmesan Chicken


What is Garlic Parmesan Chicken?

In less than 30 minutes, and with only one pan, you’ll have a delectable meal of tender chicken smothered in an ultra-creamy, garlic and parmesan cheese sauce!

What You'll Need

You'll only need a few ingredients to make this easy recipe. Let's get started!

Tenderize the Chicken

Cut chicken breasts in half, place on cutting board, and pound both sides using a meat tenderizer.

Season the Chicken

Season the chicken breasts with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Set aside.

Cook the Chicken

Cook chicken with olive and butter in a deep-sided skillet until golden brown. Then remove and set aside.

Sauté the Garlic

In the same skillet, sauté the garlic, while scraping up any chicken bits left in the pan.

Add the Cream

Add the heavy cream, salt and pepper, and Italian seasoning, stirring to combine.

Make the Sauce

Bring the cream mixture to a simmer, stirring frequently, for about 6 to 8 minutes.

Add Parmesan Cheese

Add the parmesan cheese and continue to simmer.

Finish the Dish

Add the chicken back to the skillet and spoon a little sauce over the chicken.


Serve on top of pasta, rice, or mashed potatoes.

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