Herb Air Fryer Crescent Rolls


Why Make Crescent Rolls in the Air Fryer?

No need for the oven - Air Fryer Crescent Rolls are just as good! Baking your rolls in the air fryer means they'll cook evenly without burning. Ideal!

Simple Ingredients

If you make the herb butter ahead of time, these rolls will require just two ingredients!

Roll Your Crescent Rolls

Roll up each crescent roll with a teaspoon of butter inside. 

Place in the Air Fryer

Put your rolls in the air fryer, making sure to spread them out across the tray.

Time to Fry!

Air fry the crescent rolls for about 5 minutes at 300 degrees F. Then, flip them over and bake for 4 more minutes.

Slather with Butter!

Before serving, add some more herb butter on top! Yum!

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