Homemade Brown Gravy


What is Brown Gravy?

Brown gravy is exactly what it sounds like: a simple gravy recipe that is brown in color. You don't need pan drippings to make this gravy.  You’re definitely going to get bragging rights when you bring the from-scratch gravy to the table!

Simple Ingredients

You'll need to gather a small list of ingredients to make this easy brown gravy recipe.

Make a Roux

Melt some butter in a pot, then add flour and whisk until it has a caramel color and a nutty smell. 

Add Broth

Next whisk in the beef broth. Make sure that you continue to whisk while you pour in the beef broth.

Add Seasonings

Lastly, season with salt and pepper and you’re done! That’s it! 

Time to Eat

Use this brown gravy with Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes, meatloaf - you name it.

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